By: Valentine Adese (JP),

Plateau State Governor, Dr. Simon Bako Lalong, who got into power, as the Governor of Plateau State, Nigeria since 2015 to date, may have suffered several casualties, as his administration’s challenges and successes have been under reported.

This position has made a lot of citizens across the state and the nation at large, not to have a better assessment or judgment of him and his administration in the past Five (5) years under review, owing to lack or inadequate access to information.

First, the departure of Governor Lalong and his administration to shift developmental strides to the Southern, Central and Northern Plateau and not only Shendam, his ancestral home and Local Government Area (LGA), talk less of Goemai, has been a huge challenge and a cause for his poor assessment by those concerned.

His attitude of been “Pro-Plateau”, as he coined in his administration’s, “Think Plateau, Act Plateau” slogan out of patriotism, says it all, as he is unable to be the driver of the Plateau project with an ethnic toga.

Governor Simon Bako Lalong, may have failed, as he may have failed to pass the challenges set by some tribal and ethnic zealots. As the Governor has refused to play the ethnic card of empowering his ethnic extraction only.

It therefore follows that Lalong and his RESCUE Administration may have faced lots of challenges in some assessment sheets because, he may have failed to tow the path of some of his predecessor.

Politically speaking on the Plateau, Governor Lalong has always been the underdog that has always made it to the top. He has always won, to the surprise and amazement of pundits.

Pundits in the state believe that, “Lalong’s strength lies in his weakness and that, his abilities lies in his cool and calm natural disposition, while his success lies in his failures”.

Some of his unreported or under reported successes include the following below:-

  1. Governor Lalong and his administration have in the past 5 years continued to implement the blueprint of his political party (The APC), despite the harsh economic realities that came up, as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and economic recession.
  2. Governor Lalong has continue to protect and maintain his Three Pillar Policy of Peace, Security and Good governance, Infrastructural Development and Sustainable Economic Rebirth.
  3. Lalong’s Administration’s Rescue phase 2 has continued to complete abandoned projects that, were inherited, as well as, those he initiated across the state, which cuts across health, education, security, infrastructure sectors and including, the social development and the economy.

Lalong’s in the state Health Sector for instance, is trying to complete the abandoned hospitals in Riyom, Kanke, Mabudi, while ongoing ones including the Lalong Legacy Projects are at various stages of completion.

Governor Lalong’s administration, is building a Teaching Hospital in Shendam LGA, to serve the new Faculty of Health Sciences soon to take off at the Plateau State University Bokkos.

Apart from establishing the Plateau Contributory Health Insurance Scheme, Governor Lalong has recently recruited more health workers including doctors to ensure that, the good people of Plateau State, get access to quality, affordable and timely healthcare.


The same is happening in the Education Sector, where the RESCUE ADMINISTRATION of Governor Lalong is building and upgrading more schools both under the legacy projects, SUBEB and SDGs.

From facts available, the State’s tertiary institutions are also receiving attention also as at the time of preparing this report.


Apart from providing funds for on-going road projects in the state, Governor Lalong has recently re-awarded contracts for Tahoss/Ganawuri road, Mangu by-pass road, Shinkwan/Tunkus/ Shendam bye pass road, as well as, the rehabilitation of Kwande Byen-Byen Road.


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