I write to appreciate and congratulate all Nigerians for working hard to sustain our current democratic governance, despite all the glaring challenges and limitations.

I congratulate the strong Nigerian “Never-Give-Up-Spirit”, which has encouraged us to sustain the needed sacrifices to make our democratic experiment beneficial to all no matter what it takes.

We can make it more than this, if we individually and collectively agreed to do so.

It is a great democratic achievement for us as a country that since 1999 with all the odds, no one has an alternative belief that, there is another system of governance that is better than democracy!

It’s my strong conviction and belief that, one day, the story will change and we will all look back, with a very strong sense of comparison that, God Almighty has taken us and brought us to our desired destination.

I want to specially felicitate with all of us as we mark 21 years of uninterrupted Democratic practice. No matter the challenges, we have come a long way with notable and visible achievements.

We should be grateful to Almighty God for His grace and mercies upon us in spite of our deliberate and negligent acts of omission and commission.


This is a time to reflect on the greater task ahead of us believing and working harder to go beyond this point to catch up with the most developed democracies.

It is Possible!

We should be aware of the enormous task of sustaining our country’s economic growth, a task that cannot be achieved unless Peace, Security of lives and properties are assured.

We need to imbibe the spirit of constructive engagement and develop partnership with all major stakeholders, to enable us see that our dear country is developed.

Although this year’s Democracy Day celebration is low-key due to the deadly scourge of the Covid-19 pandemic, that has unpredictably altered the psyche of the nation, we must, as a Nation, remain resolute in our total confidence in God and His ability to help us reach our goal(s).

We must not forget to adhere to the rules and guidelines set by the NCDC, and Ministry of Health on how to stay safe and healthy.

Thank you,

Together we shall overcome.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Hon. Golu Timothy Simon (PhD).



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