By: Valentine Adese (JP), Musa Gabriel and Hauwa Kabir Lawal,

As a political party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Plateau State chapter is always a political platform that helps to train young politicians in the state, as it also provides the necessary tools and directions on how to cut their political teeth and catch what is call, Politically Manipulated Fun.

The party at the right time in any erupted leadership conflict in its Plateau State chapter, from the days of, Hon. Machibi, Prof Shown, Dr. Haruna Dabin, among others has always taken its time to look inwards and do the needful in such a manner that even those, who may have betrayed the party in one circumstance or the other, may still willingly stay back to learn their lessons and payback for their probable greedy actions.

The party in most circumstances uses this strategy to conquer and remove suspected moles from their mist and then keep the party’s shop open for new members, especially, after such alleged pretending betrayal may have learned their lessons.

The party’s chapter in Plateau State has been in serious leadership tussle, which had axed the State Chairman of the chapter, Hon. Damishi Sango and its Acting Chairman, Hon. Amos Gombi.

The resignation of the former Chairman, Hon. Sango, before his recent replacement by Hon. Yakubu Bot Chocho, still remains dramatic. The journeys to and from the National office in Abuja, was like moving from Jos North to Bassa, Local Government Areas of Plateau state, as those determined to execute his removal, saw no barrier in the distance.

The process of his removal saw the emergence of a new Leader of the Chapter, even when the existing one has not been removed by suspension or a political vote of no confidence.

While Chairman Sango, stepped aside from his office, as Chairman according to his statement when he was briefing the media, verbally during question and answer session, he told the media he has resigned.

As a matter of fun, he did not attach his resignation letter to his step aside press statement for the media to see and reference, though he promised to. To date, that promise has not been fulfilled.

After Sango handed over to his deputy as directed by the National office of the party, stage two of the conflict began with the need to interpret, invoke and implement Section 47 (6) of the party’s Constitution.

The quest by large members of the States’ Executive Council of the chapter to address the constitutional issue saw the members of the chapter switching, picking different leaders and having different SEC meetings at different venues. So the fun continued!

The sectional meetings also were breading plots to sell forms to group loyalists for the upcoming Congresses to interested group members.

While this was been fried, in the various political kitchen, as the case may be, Members of the party from the Northern zone in their caucus meeting took to the provision of section 47 (6) of the party’s constitution to nominate Hon. Chris Hassan, the Northern Zone Chairman as their replacement of Hon. Sango.

The nomination of Hon. Hassan, made by the northern zone was ratified and adopted by 72 members of SEC, who allegedly sat against an alleged instruction handed down by the Acting Chairman, Hon. Gombi for there not to be a sitting. Gbam! the State Secretary was suspended and the National body was petitioned against the action(s) and inaction(s) of the Vice Chairman Central Zone of the party.

For the media, the suspension letter and the alleged letter of complaint never came handy.

PDP is always PDP. Despite all this funny actions, no member has been reported to have decamped to anyother party. They fought toether to resolve the leadership issues.

From the meeting held yesterday to announce the emergence of Hon. Yakubu Chocho, as the Substantive Chairman of the chapter, the PDP family expressed happiness that they are back and united and heading for the party’s congresses.


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