PRESS FREEDOM: Director of Press, Plateau State House of Assembly Takes Over Speaker, Clerk’s Function, Stops Inquiries At His Table

By: Valentine Adese (JP) and Musa Gabriel,

The Director of Press to the Speaker of Plateau State House of Assembly, Mr. Bulus Izang Atang, may have started usurping the functions of the Clerk of the Plateau State House of Assembly and the Speaker of the House, as he seeks to act on their behalf, especially on information issues.

The Director of Press, Mr. Bulus has authoritatively told REALITY this Morning that, he is an authority to speak in any matter that involves any media inquiry, as it relates to the working of the Assembly.

Facts are that, Mr. Bulus is just a newscaster in a plateau state local language in the state’s Radio Corporation before he was appointed as the Media Manager to the Speaker of the State Assembly.

It must be noted that, the House of Assembly has a Chairman House Committee on Information, apart from the Clerk and Speaker of the House.

In its quest to investigate the reported grievances of the Plateau State House of Assembly Workers currently rocking the smooth running of the affairs of the House, REALITY was told by Mr. Bulus that nothing of such is happening as he has the authority to speak.

“I can tell you that I have authority to speak and I am telling you that nothing of such is happening in the House. I will encourage you to come with other issues and then you can interview the Speaker. Many Journalists have come to interview the Speaker on Several issues, but on this I can speak.”

Mr. Bulus Izang Atang, did not only frustrate this paper from getting the needed clarification on the burning issues in the House from the Speaker but also prevented the Clerk of the House from having the knowledge of why REALITY crew were in the House.

You would recall that, just this week, REALITY had reported that, there are strong indications that the workers’ Union of the Plateau State House of Assembly may be heading for strike over expected unpaid allowances.

REALITY in the course of investigating the issues surrounding the grievances of the workers, gathered that the various House Committee Secretaries are been owed allowances and the expected amount expected to buy materials for the smooth running of these Committees are already out of stock in the House.

Furthermore, it is gathered that the allowances expected and unpaid money, may have allegedly been paid into the House Account managed by the Lawmakers, through the House Leadership.

It was also gathered in the course of the investigation that, attempts by the Workers’ Union to dialogue on these pressing issues with the leadership of the House, ended in a deadlock recently. REALITY can report.

Fears are that, the next few days and weeks would be more explosive in the House, as the Workers’ plan to down tools, though kept at their breast would affect the plans the House has projected to achieve in 2020.

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