The situation in Plateau State with respect to Information Management and Dissemination is becoming worrisome, as the Managers of Information in the Rescue Administration led by Governor Simon Bako Lalong in the state, seem to have started adopting approaches that may, at the end, be counter-productive to the very reason(s) why they are appointed to serve.

Constitutionally speaking, the Executive Powers of Plateau State, is vested in Governor Simon Bako Lalong, as the state Governor and any Law made by the State House of Assembly, be executed by him either directly or through the Deputy Governor and Commissioners of the Government of the State or officers in the public service of the state.

This Executive Powers of the Governor to execute also extends to matters with respect to which the House of Assembly has for the time being power to make Laws.

The Constitution has made it very clear in the Governor’s relationship with the people, as provided for in Section 14 (a, b) that: “Sovereignty belongs to the people of Nigeria from whom government through the Constitution derives all its powers and authority; and that SECURITY and WELFARE of the people shall be the PRIMARY purpose of government.”

It is therefore sad to note that, the major policies driven by the RESCUE Administration in Plateau State since its assumption in this second term, as given by the people has been under reported.

The citizens have not been informed of the steps, policies and strategies that Governor Lalong’s administration has initiated and taken in Education, Security, the State Economy, the State Environment, Health, Culture, among other fundamental policies of the state and the stage they are currently, but they have chosen to drive round and about the political objectives and have centered their job on reacting and replying to opposition parties’ criticism for reasons yet unknown.

The report of the number of people killed in the state in recent times and the approach of the Governor, which many have noticed in dowsing, drenching and extinguishing the tension, including the steps and measures the Governor has taken to help the injured are hardly in public domain, owing to observed poor management and dissemination of information by these Information Managers.

The latest being the fresh killing of 14 people in Bokkos LGA, which was made public by a concerned citizen of the area.

Jos, is the capital of Plateau State, and a rumoured or probable alleged attack on the city was only responded to and debunked by the TC Chairman, Hon. Shehu Bala Usman, while the state Information Managers were on weekend holiday. This calls for serious concern!

The Governor of Plateau State, Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong, must look back and realize that he is personally accountable for the lives of the people in the state and that the questions and anger that may arise for actions or inactions of his appointees would be directed to him and him alone.

Lalong must wake up to note that, the over four million people in Plateau State cannot get all information they need from one media source and hence stop his Information Managers from adopting selective-media-approach, which is driven by personal sentiments.

He must look back to plan for the future of the state and force his aides in the Information Management Team/Desk to promote a sense of belonging and supportive tendencies to the achievement of his administration.

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