By: Valentine Adese (JP),

The former Plateau State governor and Senator that, represented the good people of Plateau North Senatorial District at the upper chambers of the National Assembly at the 8th Assembly, Sen. Jonah David Jang, continued with his smile today, at the Plateau state High Court, presided over by Hon. justice Daniel Longji, as a key witness of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mr. Musa Sunday, was unable to link his testimony with documentary evidence already tendered by the Commission, under crushing Cross-examination by Chief Mike Ozekhome (SAN), Counsel to the 1st Defendant, Sen. Jang and S. A. Oguntuyi (Esq), Counsel to the 2nd Defendant, Mr. Yusuf Pam, while giving further evidence in respect to the Amended Charge filed against the Defendants.

Under Cross-examination by Chief Mike Ozekhome (SAN), leading Edward Pwajok (SAN), Benson Igbanoi (Esq), Olivia Dazem (Esq) and other Lawyers, Mr. Musa Sunday, told the Court that, none of the documents tendered from, exhibits P1 to P65, has any page, where the sum of N750million or N400million was transferred in cash by the 2nd Defendant to the 1st Defendant, as contained in the EFCC’s Amended Charge, Count 12.

Musa also disclosed to the Court that, the 1st Defendant Jang is not a signatory to any of the Bank Accounts that were investigated by him, as the IPO and this includes the OSSG Account.

More also, the witness, PW11 that was recalled by the Defendants, further agreed with the Defendant’s Counsel that, the EFCC did not query FCMB, over the 1st Defendants Account, for being suspicious or abnormal. Adding that, he has no such document.

Chief Ozekhome (SAN) and Pwajok (SAN)

While under the high fire powered Cross-examination of Oguntuyi (Esq), Counsel to the 2nd Defendant, Mr. Yusuf Pam, Mr. Musa, though had still maintained his testimony that the 2nd Defendant withdrew N750million and N400milliom and handed the money to the 1st Defendant during interrogation, which he personally supervised and obtained the statement, at their office, he now told the court that, he could not find that evidence, contained in the statement of the 1st Defendant, which he made at the EFCC.

He said, “There is nowhere in the document to show that I confronted the 1st Defendant on the transfer of N750million, which he transferred to the 1st Defendant”.


As the investigator in this matter, I have gone through all the exhibits in this matter.

“To my understanding, Conferred Corruption Advantage on Oneself, was that this money in question, the N750million, was for the payment of SUBEB to pay salaries and emoluments for Teachers and not for the 2nd Defendant to withdraw the money to the 1st Defendant.

“I cannot find anywhere in the exhibits, where the 2nd Defendant transferred the sum of N750million cash and hand over same to the 1st defendant. But there are documentary exhibits where the N750million was transferred to the Plateau Project1 Account, where the 2nd Defendant, collected the money in cash and took it to the 1st Defendant.

“The 1st Defendant is not a signatory to any of the Accounts, including the OSSG Account.

“There is no exhibit, showing that N750million was transferred in cash and I have no exhibit to show that the EFCC queried FCMB over transfers or lodgments of money by the 1st Defendant, did we receive any complaint from FCMB over the nature of lodgments. There is no document to that effect. We rather traced the money to how he was able to settle the loan he collected from FCMB.

“I have seen exhibits P52 and P53, they are the Account statements. They do not show any suspicious transactions in the Account of the 1st Defendant in March, 2015. However, the cash deposit made by the 1st Defendant is from the testimony obtained for the Bankers.

“From Exhibits p52, the deposit transaction in the month of March, 2015 were: N3,56million, N3.517million, N3.456million and N3.93million, all done in one day. From calculation, the total amount sums up to, N13,946million.

“We did not have evidence of lodgments of N750million, in cash in the 1st Defendants Account, lodged in March. Also, in Exhibits P52 and P53, there is nothing to show that money came from the OSSG’s Account or from the Project1 Account. Rather it arose out of our investigation.

“We also don’t have evidence that the EFCC queried any other Bank for any abnormal transactions of the 1st Defendant, Jonah Jang.

“Habila Dung however said he physically witnessed the 2nd defendant handing over money to the 1st Defendant. I did not personally witness it.

“I don’t have any document as exhibit t show that the 1st Defendant, transferred money to any person including his family members. But we have documentary evidence where the money he transferred t different Accounts and later delivered to him by the 2nd Defendant”.

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