By: Valentine Adese (JP),

Plateau State has been very tensed through the week, with the two big political parties in the state, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC), voluntarily washing dirty linens in social and traditional media platforms.

While the PDP is accusing the APC’s administration led by Governor Simon Bako Lalong in the state of fraud in terms of the on-going Legacy Contracts in the state, the APC has seen the voice of the PDP, as that of a faction that does not deserve a listening ear.

However, the PDP had alleged that, its attention has been drawn to alleged shameful corrupt practice within the administration of the APC and the state Governor with respect to contract awards and alleged follow up kick-back expected from the contractor.

The PDP in a press statement, dated, 21st day of March, 2021, signed by its state Publicity Secretary, Hon. John Akans, in part stated that, “The attention of the Plateau State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party has been drawn to a corrupt and shameful practice of Governor Simon Lalong’s administration in terminating the contract for the much talked about legacy projects.

“Documents at the disposal of our great party  shows a contract was signed between the state government through the ministry of Finance and Abuja based Bleneson Services Nigeria Limited for the construction of 20 Lalong legacy projects( 8 no. Model Primary Schools, 6 no. Model Secondary Schools and 6 no. Model Hospitals in Plateau State at a whooping principal sum of fifty_ nine billion naira (#59Bn).

“The letter of contract termination, dated 9th March, 2021, was signed by Sani Alhaji Yahaya, permanent secretary/ secretary State tenders board on behalf of the state and addressed to the Managing Director of Bleneson Services Nig Ltd, Engr Lawanson Ngoa.

“As a responsible and focused political party that is prepared to re-set the leadership philosophy of plateau state, we find reasons for this action as an embarrassment to the office of the executive Governor of our dear state therefore it is appropriate we declare our stand on this sad development, particularly as it directly affects the future of the state”.

In a swift reaction, the APC in a press statement by its State Secretary had lambasted the PDP and its Publicity Secretary, describing their press text as empty, childish and incoherent rhetoric.

Mallam Bashir Musa Sati, the State Secretary of the Plateau State chapter of APC, in his press statement debunking the claims/allegations of the PDP concerning the alleged face-off between the Legacy Project Contractor and the Plateau State Government, dated, 23rd March, 2021, stated that, “It is a tragedy that out of a lousy disposition and in a haste to smear the impeccable character of the Governor and to scandalize the present administration in the State, the so-called factional spokesman of the PDP forgot to get even the most basic facts -most of which are already out there in the public domain, right”.

The APC Secretary in part stated that, “The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Plateau State is again compelled to respond to the nuisance of a Faction of the PDP in the State over a recent Statement issued by its Factional spokesperson, one John T. Akans who has raised some spurious, unsubstantiated and concocted Lies in furtherance of his Faction’s elusive search for relevance and in an attempt to bring the Government of Governor Simon Lalong into ridicule and disrepute.

“In his usual empty, childish and incoherent rhetoric, the factional spokesperson alleged that “GOVERNOR LALONG TERMINATES N59 BILLION LEGACY PROJECT CONTRACTS OVER REFUSAL OF CONTRACTOR TO SHARE MONEY”.

“It is a tragedy that out of a lousy disposition and in a haste to smear the impeccable character of the Governor and to scandalize the present administration in the State, the so-called factional spokesman of the PDP forgot to get even the most basic facts -most of which are already out there in the public domain, right.

“Despite claiming that his Faction of the PDP had documents at its disposal to buttress his baseless claims, the Factional spokesperson displayed crass ignorance on the genesis and current state of the Lalong Legacy Project.

“Little wonder, he was only interested in the so-called “whooping N59 Billion figure” for the initial Contract signed between the Plateau State Government and Bleneson Services Nigeria Limited.

“It is curious that a so-called opposition Party will be sulking over the termination of the Contract of a non-performing entity instead of commending the Government for taking that bold and right step to amongst others: Save the Commonwealth of the People of Plateau State from plunder; to ensure that the long suffering Sub-Contractors of  Bleneson, (who are our own Citizens) many of whom have become bankrupt on account of deliberate non-payment for completed milestones, get some much needed reprieve; to ensure that critical Projects including Schools and Hospitals meant for the benefit of our people are completed on time. Indeed, this Faction of the PDP is shameless and clearly betrays what the PDP’s Philosophy was and is- sharing money and abandoning projects!”

But, PDP did not allow the reply go cold, as it fired back with a statement, dated, 26th March, 2021, titled, “APC AND ITS USUAL SHALLOW RESPONSE WITHOUT ADDRESSING MAIN ISSUES”.

The PDP in its statement alleged that the Secretary APC, who signed the response against their claim is a Robot, as Mallam Sati is critically sick.



“The People’s Democratic Party Plateau state, a focused and objective party wouldn’t have joined issues and would have ignored the shallow, hasty and baseless response of the APC on the termination of the 59 Billion Naira “Legacy Project” of Governor Barrister Simon Bako  Lalong but for the sake of our dear state and posterity we will put the records straight.

“First and foremost, it is really disheartening to see the plateau state Government machinery using the name of a person who is critically ill as a respondent to issues raised by our dear party and the same government is not taking responsibility or assisting him to overcome his health challenges. This is sad, and very unfortunate that he is only remembered when they are seeking for where to hide their shame over their non performance.

“The PDP on the Plateau wishes Hon. Bashir Sati quick recovery and he should know that our prayers are always there for him.

“It is sad that  the uninformed writer who wrote on behalf of Hon. Bashir Sati has again shamefully displayed a crass ignorance in public domain. We can see he is gasping for breath and struggling to convince the unsuspecting populace by explaining the shameful and scandalous legacy project that is now halted.

“In an attempt to present “facts” the APC and the government ended up ridiculing themselves and re exposing Lalong’s ineptitude and brazen lack of basic knowledge of governance.

“In their rambled sentences that is not only lacking in substance but further betrayed their political naivety,  by showing that the governance in plateau state under APC is finally grounded to a halt.

“Trying to cover up their maladministration the writer mischievously,   ignorantly and maliciously ascribed his manufactured faction in our great party without showing any evidence to his assertion”.

In another development within the week, the Plateau State Governor, Simon Bako Lalong has appointed new Head of Service for the state and other Permanent Secretaries.

The meet up a higher Internal Revenue Generation for the state, the Governor has also inaugurated the Plateau Revenue Council and Governing Board of the State Internal Revenue Service. The Governor has described the event as, “a milestone in the journey of the state towards improved revenue generation and self-sufficiency”.

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