Jos-North/Bassa Federal Constituency of Plateau State is one of the most sensitive constituencies in Nigeria and in the State. It is the constituency hosting the Plateau State Capital and the renowned Jos city that is hosting the popular Terminus Market.

The Constituency is also a major host of most none indigenous tribes in the country and those from other parts of the 17 Local Government Areas (LGAs) that make up the State. It is a hub of human and commercial activities.

It is therefore a fact that, a person elected to represent this Constituency is already representing a Mini Nigeria, since the Constituency has all the features and characteristics of the larger entity (Nigeria).

It is a Constituency that can economically be described as “Over Populated”, since its population is well above its means of human survival, though hosting a large profitable private sector.

The complexity which the Constituency exhibits is expressed in the politics played and its political representations at all levels. This situation from understanding has constantly turned Jos-North and Bassa LGAs into melting points in the history of Plateau State.

It therefore follows that, the current anger and move by members of the Constituency to recall their current representative at the Lower Chambers of the National Assembly, Hon. Haruna Maitala, may have steamed from same grounds of misunderstanding and pressure.

However, while members of the constituency have established facts, through their findings that, the Member (Hon. Maitala) has been representing them poorly, the Member on his own part has been looking for ways and platforms to explain the situation(s).

While the constituents have also taken time to communicates their grievances to the Hon. Member, the feedback from most of those communications have remained stocked without any explanation and this has further expanded the misunderstanding, misgivings and pressure.

While the Constituents have constantly sort for audience with Hon. Haruna Maitala, to enable them discuss their potential grievances with him, his not honouring their invitation either through effective representation of his person and office by his aides, tends to have worsened the misunderstanding and has created a gap between him (Hon. Haruna Maitala) and the good members of his Constituency.

It is therefore important that, since what affects the constituency tends to affect most parts of the country, the need to call and enforce understanding has become very paramount in order to entrench the peace, harmony and peaceful coexistence currently been experienced in the Constituency.

It is high time the Member, Hon. Maitala, takes it as a constitutional responsibility to speak and explain to members of his constituents of what has been happening and the role he has secretly been playing concerning the insecurity and neglects the larger Members of the constituency have been complaining of and also on the part of the constituents, to give him their listening and understanding ears.

It behooves on both the Member and the constituents to see insecurity and “demand-pull poverty” ravaging the constituency now, as a collective responsibility to mitigate.

It is truism that, as a bunch they can fight and protect the constituency from all alleged invaders.

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