By: Valentine Adese (JP),

Some youths in the Plateau State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have come out strongly, promising to put, Malam Basir Musa, the Plateau State All Progressives Congress (APC) Secretary in a political pot.

According to a press release dated 13/10/2020, signed by one Alfred Bako and made available to REALITY, the youth group, under the aegis of “PDP YOUTHS FOR LIFE” stated that, they want to boil Malam Musa in a political pot to enable him become a reasonable party man and to enable him get the right awareness of legal and political issues in the state, as it relates to the PDP.

According to the release of the youths, Malam Sati, would have taken time to know the facts and happenings in PDP first before blabbing “just as he continues to misinform himself over happenings in the state APC”.

The youths in their text, accused the APC Secretary of usurping the position and job of the state APC Public Relation Officer (PRO) since he assumed office, as the State Secretary, hence he continues to respond to any issue, whether he has knowledge of it or not.

“In one breath he would say he cannot speak for INEC and in another breath, he would opinionate that, Hon. John Akans is speaking for a faction of the state PDP in his latest outburst. Can’t he ask questions or seek knowledge?

“This man, Malam Musa Sati has been the spokesman of the Plateau State APC. Was he elected for both offices? Nigerians can see through his activities that he loves power and control hence he is usurping the powers, duties and responsibilities of the State PRO.

“He should have known that, INEC representatives from the state and federal levels witnessed the conduct of the State Congress, which ushered in the Hon. Chris Hassan led EXCO and Hon. Akans, as PRO, with Security operatives and Journalists in attendance.

“He should also be informed that, the PDP knows of the plans of the APC from day one, to stop the State Congress from holding. Unfortunately their efforts failed! And their recent comments demonstrate the pains of their failure from their mouths.

“He should be ashamed of himself to have said he is not capable of speaking concerning the matter yet went ahead to give judgment concerning it in the interview he granted.

“We call on him to learn how to respect others else, he cannot get what he does not have to give. Hon. Akans is the State Publicity Secretary of the party elected. Malam should wear that information as a cap from today.

“Regarding his denial of the allegations raised by Akans concerning the plans of the APC, INEC and the state government, Malam Sati should put in more efforts to convince Plateau people, as their poor performance smells in the Southern zone of the state since the last 5 years.

“The southern zone for the record has nothing to showcase, as the achievements of the APC or the Lalong’s administration to date.

“Also unfortunate is the effrontery of the Secretary to allege that, the PDP has no candidate, even with a well tested legislator in the person of Rt. Hon. George Daika, when they are presenting a Prof. Nora that has no voters’ card or party membership card that is well known and made public by Prof. Garba, their party stalwart”.

“On a serious note we need to acquire a knowledge pot for Malam Musa!”

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