By: Valentine Adese (JP), Alfred Saiki and Samuel Ogijo,

Mr. Isaac Wadak, a strong stakeholder in the Plateau State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has called on all candidates of the party, vying for various positions in the forthcoming State Congress, among other congresses planned to be conducted in the state, to conduct peaceful campaigns because, people are watching the party through their characters and conducts.

Mr. Wadak, a retired Permanent Secretary in the Plateau State Civil Service, who now doubles as the Chairman of a Taxation body in Nigeria, in an exclusive interview with REALITY this morning said, the citizens of Plateau State are watching the party and its members, to further concretize their hopes and that, “It therefore follows that, members should be aware of this fact and exhibit exemplary characters.”



Mr. Isaac Wadak, also advised the National Headquarters members, who are expected to conduct the State Congress, among other congresses in the state soon, to be firm and transparent, as they uphold the spirit of established fairness.

Mr. Wadak said, “As we look forward towards the forthcoming State Congress and any other Congresses to be conducted in the state, candidates should organize what would be adjudged as peaceful. I also encourage all delegates of the party to go out there and cast their votes.

“This is because the citizens of Plateau State are watching the party.

“I advise all candidates vying for any position in the party to organize peaceful campaigns that will touch the hearts of delegates, rather than trying to strengthen hatred and confusion. While for the delegates, I advise them to use the right spirit and conscience to vote for the right candidates.”


Mr. Wadak, who took his time to commend the members of the Kanke chapter of the party for being matured in changing the narratives with respect to Kanke, said the strategy and formular used to promote and project unity and harmony in the LG, should be adopted at all local governments and the state at large.

According to Mr. Wadak, the members of the party at the Kanke chapter decided to return power to the people without interfering with the process (es). They made sure the unwritten zoning formula was respected and each part of the local government got its due.

“The stakeholders in the Local Government also must be commended, as we all resolved to solve an age long problem that has always put the local government in line for bad publicity. Stakeholders made sure the chairmanship seat that is zone to Amper, saw the light of the day. I commend all!”

“You see in life and in political parties, you cannot remove individual grievances and aspirations. What is expected is for members to respect constituted authorities.

“We have a party like the PDP that has set up grievances settlement mechanism. So, it is expected that, if one has grievance he should go strictly through the party’s provided guidelines and procedures. Now, if you feel that those processes do not meet up to settle your grievance because you have exhausted them, then the only way to go would then be the legal way.

“However, to the best of my knowledge, I know that the PDP has told members this via a clause that encourages members to exhaust all grievance procedures before seeking legal redress.

Now, which is bigger, to build stronger institutions or individuals? So, if as an individual, you feel that you can subvert the party, it is rather unfortunate because, the party’s decision will always be supreme!”


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