Power and Authority are sweet instruments especially, when one is occupying a political office. It enables the individual having them to express his love, hate and influence. It enables the office holder, to promote his views and aspiration against others, irrespective of who may be contending.

The challenge with power and authority however, is TENURE!

Tenure causes political office holders, to look back and continue to mend fences with friends, family, classmates and other people still below the achievement LADDER. This is so because, when it elapses, the hope and relevance of the person, who earlier occupied such political seat, would then be determined by those still on the ladder and climbing.

His show of superiority over them while they were below, would suggest the nature of company and attention they would give him/her, when down and out of office!

It should be of note that, Plateau State, from its creation to date has been governed by men of timber and caliber. Persons like, late Joseph Gomwalk, late Solomon Lar, Fidelis Tapgun, Chief Joshua Dariye (Senator) and Sen. Jonah David Jang, have all governed the state at one time or the other, with each ending his tenure according to the laws of the land.

What brings back their memories to the citizens of the state could be, either their legacies or the friends, who still have them at heart, when they have left office.

If this is the basic fact, it therefore means that, their names can no longer be found on the front pages of tabloids, or used in rhythms on radio and TV stations in the state, as it was, when they wielded power, as the number one citizens of the State.

This is what we expect Governor Lalong to learn from!

It is therefore expected that, with few years at hand and with less than 730 days left for him (Governor Lalong), to wield the necessary power and authority of his office, his quest and zeal should be more directed at making new friends and maintaining old ones, who may have played one significant role in his life time or the other.

He must investigate and attach weight to whatever is happening around him now and be a man of peace, rather than being dragged into a fighting arena because he has the needed power and authority.

He should look deep into the happenings in the other arms of government, like the Parliament, in order to also assist the members, being a former Lawmaker in the state.

Believers and hangers on faith, have positively stated that, success is also measure by….“WHO YOU HELP.”

There is a spike in distrust among the current staff of the Plateau State House of Assembly since the removal of Dr. Ayuba Gongu, mni.

REALITY has gathered that an alleged group of conspirators in the Plateau State House of Assembly that plotted and managed his removal, while he was undergoing Studies at the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS), Kuru, are already at each other’s neck over breach of trust.

They seem aggrieved over a use and dump political strategy applied on them by those, who have allegedly benefited from their blackmails and false information that they had dished out to stop the Governor’s classmate from getting back to his office, as the Clerk of the Assembly, after graduating from the prestigious institution (NIPSS).

They have in their individual ways started revealing each other. Beginning from the school they are building or constructing, the illegal use of the Assembly’s security officers and the enlargement of their office impress.

For the collective peace of the state, the Governor must take time to call for order among the staff of the state Parliament and also make some of them, to recount, restate, confess and repent over recent findings, which has authoritatively shown that, they were only seeking office in order to sink the little resource of the state, while the Governor is having sleepless nights.

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