By: Valentine Adese (JP), Reuben Egbah and Hauwa K. Lawal,

The newly elected Chairman for Nigerian Bar Association, Jos Branch, Plateau State, Yakubu S. Bawa (Esq) has reiterated that, the new leadership of the Branch is set to make an indelible impact that would form part of the Branch’s legacy in the next two years.

You would recall that, Yakubu (Esq), took over the leadership of the Branch, when the substantive Chairman, Boniface Ngyou (Esq) was appointed as a Judge in Plateau State and within that short period, Yakubu (Esq) was able to attract most members who may have developed apathy and the media, back to the activities of the Branch.


His re-election and return therefore, did not come to many as a surprise, Sequel to the AGM of the NBA Jos Branch, which held on the 29th day of June, 2020 and which heralded the end of the two year tenure of the previous Executive Committee members of the Branch. This, REALITY can authoritatively state was owing to the feat he (Yakubu Esq) had achieved within that one year.

Other Members of the Executive Committee, elected and returned with the Chairman to for a formidable team were as follows:-

  1. Grace Selre Mamswa Esq.- Vice Chairman
  2. Samson Gotom Esq. – Secretary
  3. Solomon Deme Esq. – Assistant Secretary
  4. Samson Ike Esq.- Welfare Secretary
  5. Roseline Yop Pwajok Esq. – Social Secretary
  6. John Ishaku Mantu Esq.- Publicity Secretary
  7. Lauretta Yahal-An Challa Esq.- Treasurer
  8. Pwakusari Rotshak Gotip Esq.-Financial Secretary
  9. Anne Chinasa Mpamah Esq.- Legal Adviser
  10. Leah Dagung Hassan Esq.- NEC Representative and,
  11. Gomwalk Mambul Umaru Esq.- Provost

In an exclusive interview with REALITY Crew (Prince Valentine Adese (JP), Reuben Egbah and Hauwa K. Lawal) yesterday, the Chairman explained that, his biggest challenge now is to provide a befitting Secretariat for Jos Branch and also open new markets fronts for legal practice in the state.


Yakubu S. Bawa (Esq), who has become a voice for the less privileged in Plateau State more recently said, he wants to re-establish the NBA, as the voice of the masses. According to him, “This is the true meaning of being a Lawyer in the first place!”

He said the new leadership of Jos NBA, after their retreat, has resolved to focus its attention on Human Rights Violations, Security and Good Governance, while promising that, the Disciplinary, Ethics and Enforcement Committees of the Branch, would be more active and effective within this period in order to deliver Justice in good time.


In his words, Yakubu S. Bawa, (Esq) said:

“I was the Vice Chairman of Jos Branch and only became the Chairman when the Substantive Chairman, Boniface Ngyuo (Esq), was appointed as a Judge. I won during the polls and now I am also returned, though in both cases, I was unopposed! I give thanks to God and the entire members of the Branch for these opportunities.

“I am happy that, within that short period of one year, my team and I were able to draw back the needed attention of many of our members, who had developed apathy and the Media, to the activities of the Branch. We have also tried to rekindle the hope of NBA members in Jos and the entire masses in Plateau State.

“My major worry as at today and being the Chairman of the Branch is that, we still don’t have a befitting Secretariat. The current Secretariat is an eye sore, when compared with others across the country, especially, when you consider the facts that, we are the third largest Bar Branch in the country, with 11 Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SANs) and that, the State Governor is also a Lawyer.

“Based on the above, our Vision as a leadership is to dwell on how to improve the welfare and expand the markets of Legal practice in Jos, the Plateau State capital.

“We want Lawyers, especially, the Young ones to add to their earnings aside litigation, by training them on other areas in order to assist them in generating other sources of revenue generations.

“We are planning to establish a Corporative in Jos Branch and we shall be looking at Farming or Agriculture, especially, in areas we are permitted by Law and practice. This is to help members earn more, instead of living within the box.

“We are looking at how to establish an E-library to help members especially, for the Junior Lawyers. We are of the hope that it would assist them to get access to books and other documents in the course of their practice.

“Apart from the lack of a befitting Secretariat for the Branch, my other worries and that of the new team is that, the NBA has lost its voice nationally! I just feel we need to re-identify ourselves as Lawyers. We need to know who we are. The fact is that, we are supposed to be the voice of the masses, as gatekeepers and advocates of Justice. I still wonder why we lost the voice!

“We (the new leadership) want to give more of our attention to Human Rights Violations, Security and Good-governance in the State and Country at large. This is what Lawyers are and supposed to do! I hope you do remember the Rinji’s case? We have not abandoned it. Sure, it is coming up soon!

“From our retreat, we have agreed to set up a Human Rights’ desk. This desk would be very relevant to us and the Branch in the next two years. We need to rekindle the trust of society and secure them because they seem to have lost hope of our very essence.

“We are also planning to revamp our Disciplinary Committee to the effect that we expect any petition against any of our colleagues to be treated within three Months. No more delays! More also, the Ethics and Enforcement Committee would soon be inaugurated soon. We believe within this timing frame, frivolous petitions would be jettisoned, to give way for very important issues.

“I want you to note that, we are the first to hold a leadership retreat, which is aimed at keeping our members focused in the next two years.

“I promised that, we must make an impact!”


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