The Governor of Plateau State, Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong, may have promised the people of Plateau State much and may have achieved a better part of it since he was elected in 2015 and returned in 2019, but what his political appointees may have been doing behind him may not have come to his personal notice to sabotage his efforts.

REALITY finding shows that the Governor’s trust for his aides may have made him to take most advices rolling out of their lips. Without knowing that, while they divert his attention with their advices to their personal issues and vendetta against their perceived political enemies, they use him to get richer than him and the state.

You would recall that, a group, “The Rescue Front” within his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), recently wrote the President, who also is of the ruling APC, a letter of complaint where they had indicated that, the conduct of the Governor may make the party lose the state in subsequent elections. Most of the aides to the Governor knew of this plot, but never revealed it to their Boss, Governor Lalong. REALITY can Authoritatively report.

Secondly, another group under the aegis of the now defunct Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) has also written to President Buhari, complaining of neglect by the Governor in terms of appointments, as they alleged that, those that have been so favoured by Governor Lalong, were not on party basis, but allegedly members of the Movement for a Better Plateau. Yet the Governor was not put formally on notice by his aides or appointees, while these nocturnal meetings that brought up the final draft was going on.

Thirdly, while those who have now gained favour from Governor Simon Bako Lalong, were advising the Governor to act on their perceived enemies, who may have being either his classmates in the past and take them out of office, they concealed in their minds not to inform the Governor that, these same favoured aides and appointees were becoming more richer and established than the Governor.

REALITY findings can authoritatively state that, most appointees of the Governor are currently building private schools in their localities, while the Governor is in the middle of finding ways on how to meet up with his social contract with the people of Plateau State.

It is also discovered that, the Governor, Simon Bako Lalong, needs to investigate certain offices in the House of Assembly, as the appointees with their huge impress are also constructing and building privates schools now!

REALITY gathered that, one of the chief appointees in the Plateau State House of Assembly is even using public security agents to guide the site where his private school is being built.

Facts are that, it is Lalong that has a social contract with the people of Plateau State and his is the only person that would be accountable to them at the end of the tenure.

Just like, Sen. Joshua Dariye and Sen. Jonah Jang, whose aides and appointees are not facing the wrought of the Law today, so would Governor Lalong’s case be if he refuses at this time to watch his back!

NB: Pictures of some of these schools would be published soon…!

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