By: Valentine Adese (JP),

Plateau State is one of the oldest states in Nigeria, when compared to Delta, Edo, Akwa Ibom and others. Its compatriots in the history of Plateau are Kano, Lagos among others. You would recall that the State is enclosed under the umbrella of the defunct Benue-Plateau State.

In all, since the rebirth of this current democracy in 1999, Plateau State has constantly been on the news on politically driven issues. In most cases, the State Civil Service has constantly been on the news because, it has become more influenced and driven by politicians and their political interests.

One office that has come constantly under the attack of political influence and actors is the office of the Clerk of the Plateau State House of Assembly.

The first victim of the office as far as REALITY can recall, was Mr. Cornelius, who was victimized and not allowed to sit or occupy his office as Clerk of the House because, he legally and morally refused to join the now infamous six, Hon. Michael Dapianlong (As Speaker Protempo), Hon. Nazifi Mohammed, Hon. Rahila Baleri, Hon. Nanchang Napchwat, Hon. Emmanuel Danboyi Jugul and Hon. Dina Lar, who removed the then state governor, Chief Sen. Joshua C. Dariye.

Mr. Cornelius did not only suffer deprivation from sitting and entering his office, he was denied occupying any office and he had to stay at home for months. When REALITY uncovered and reported this impunity, he was then transferred to the Office of the Head of Service of the State, but kept in an obscure and incomprehensible office. As at that time because REALITY was directly monitoring the development, Mr. Cornelius could hardly understand the office because, it was not attached to any duty or responsibilities. Sadly, Mr. Cornelius was replaced with a junior officer as House Clerk, who was on a grade level below the Plateau State House of Assembly Commissions Standard of Level 16. Today, Mr. Cornelius is now the Permanent Secretary Security, Plateau State Government House.

The next occupant of the office as a Clerk was Madam Helen Dusu, who also had her share of the political influence. She was removed but was lucky to be promoted and transferred as one of the Permanent Secretaries Government House, under the Sen. Jonah Jang’s administration.

Currently, REALITY findings, indicates that Dr. Ayuba Gongu, mni, has been removed as Clerk of the Assembly and replaced by Mr. Ponven Wuyep.

You would recall that, Dr. Ayuba Gongu, mni, has just bagged his Doctorate Degree shortly after his return from NIPSS and academic history has it that he was a classmate to the State Governor, Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong, at SPS Keffi, ABU, Zaria and the Nigerian Law School, Lagos.

REALITY gathered that, he has been deployed to the Office of the Head of Service on the directive of the Governor to the Plateau State House of Assembly Service Commission. But at the time of this write up, Dr. Ayuba Gongu, mni, has no schedule of job.

However, his replacement as Clerk of the House, Mr. Ponven Wuyep, was moved from Grade Level 14 to the Consolidated Salary Structure.

The alarm been raised in the Plateau State House of Assembly now as REALITY gathered is that, in this 2020 the new Clerk’s impress has been allegedly increased to One Million Naira (N1,000,000.00), monthly. The aggrieved sources raising this alarm have also alleged that, this One Million Monthly impress, is “without retiring expenditure for every month. And that this is separate from the Clerk’s Monthly Consolidated Salary.

They have told REALITY allegedly that, “The Director of Finance and Supplies receives N900,000.00, as his office impress, while the Deputy Clerk receives N500,000.00. All these monies are paid to the said officers to complement their salaries and nothing more.

“Acting Directors, who are all seniors to Ponven Wuyep and Timothy Jatau are still on acting capacity, while their juniors, Ponven Wuyep and Timothy are now on substantive position. Not only are they said seniors on acting capacity, they receive N150,000.00 (One hundred and fifty thousand Naira) each as departmental impress.

“The impress to the office of the Clerk, DFS, and the Deputy has no consideration for Ad Hoc staff who work under hazardous conditions and only N20,000.00 (Twenty Thousand Naira) per month.”


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