While the members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chapter in Plateau State and politically concerned citizens in the state are still at lost with the sad political happenings going on and around Hon. Nandom Exodus’ group of alleged Caretaker Committee, another uncalled for drama and comic relief happened again, Thursday, with Hon. Exodus, not been allowed to address journalists, at the state party’s secretariat on Yakubu Gowon Way, Jos, the capital of the state, by security operatives.

It is affirmative to state here that, Hon. Yakubu Chocho has been the State Chairman before the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak, which has put every political, social and economic activity on hold in Plateau State.

The Chairman’s tenure and that of members of his EXCO, speaking from the provisions of the party’s Constitution and my knowledge, as a member of the party has elapsed.



His continuation in office, with some members of his EXCO, must have being an appointment from above, as nobody within the Plateau State chapter has the powers to appoint him nor his members back to office, if not by election that must be conducted by National Delegates from the National office.

But, my attention has been drawn to some published stories making the rounds and quoting, Hon. Nandom and his group saying that, “The public has been misinformed by a group of individuals with some persons at the national level, whom have taken advantage of the ravaging Covid-19 health issue to enrich themselves, while perpetrating unconstitutional acts of tenure elongation.”

According to them, “A serious matter such as that, that has to do with the decision of the National Working Committee (NWC), as claimed by these characters, the communication should ordinarily be signed by the National Chairman or National Secretary.”

He cited Jigawa, Kano and Ekiti chapters, whose Caretaker Committee members’ letters were signed by the same National Organizing Secretary, but wondered why their contents were entirely different.

This is where my concerns lie!

First, is Nandom and his group, challenging the expiration of the Chocho EXCO, how they emerged as Caretaker Committee members, the conduct or propriety of the approved Ward and Local Government Congresses or why the State Congress has not been conducted?

I am seriously at a lost here!

During the question and answer session of their briefing on Thursday, Nandon and his group, happily told members that, their proudly constituted Caretaker Committee was illegal. They also went further to support their illegality by trying to show and justify that, the Committee led by Hon. Chocho was also illegal.

My question is, has that made their action(s) metamorphosed into legality? This is a great historical somersault of all times that calls for the arrest and prosecution of Nandom & Co travelers.

I have never heard or seen such development, where a criminal without an arraignment, joyful accepts that, his acts and action are illegal. I would have to keep this in my archive for future academic studies.

However, contrary to this line of hasty historical story line is the fact that, they (Nandom and his group) have accepted, through their powerful “think tank” that, the members of the Committee led by Hon. Chocho are appointed and they have been privileged to see the appointment letters, signed by an identifiable person, with an inscribed office attached to his signature in all the letters.

So, to my knowledge and mind, the question of forgery should have been raised, to question the appointment letters by Nandom & Co, rather than raising the issue of concluded and forgotten Congresses and forming a shameful parallel Committee, which they have chosen to announce to the public on Thursday, as illegal.

Even while this shameful act(s) were been displayed, my attention was further drawn to a press release by the Spokesman of the group, one Akims Mamot James, who has made frantic efforts, to explain why they were chased or not chased out of the State Secretariat in Jos, when they tried to address the press there.

Rather than explaining the issue, he made efforts to implicate and exposed the contributions of, Sen. Jeremiah Useni, in the activities of their Committee, which they in their own words have accepted to be illegal now.

Read, Akims Mamot James, press release, which I have reproduced below, as published in several social media platforms. (GRAMMATICAL ERRORS, NOT MINE)


The attention of the PDP caretaker committee plateau state has been drawn to a false information circulating on social media alleged that the Hon. Nandam Pyennap Exodus led caretaker committee yesterday was chased out of the Plateau State PDP Secretariat opposite NTA Jos as fallacy and totally untrue.

As we set the records straight:

(1) that never from the inception or the swearing in of the new caretaker committee witness any rivalry either by merchant of tenure elongation or the security agencies.

(2) that yesterday the caretaker committee was to brief journalist and party stalwarts on the recent happening(s) in the party.

(3) that the said press briefing was to take place at the party Secretariat but we were asked by the police State command to find another alternative location, this was on the instructions given to the police by the Leader of the party to restrict both sides of the worrying groups in the party till further notice.

(4) upon the information by the police State command, the Nandom Pyennap led Excos moved to a convenient location to brief the journalist.

(5) the press briefing went successfully without any intimidation,hiccups or harassment by the merchant of tenure elongation or security agencies as speculated.

(6) Our decision to relocate to a more convenient location was not as a result of being chased by anybody but to respectfully adhered to the directive of the leader of the party ,Sen. Lt. Gen. JT Useni as conveyed to us by the police State command.

(7)that the other group forcefully entered the Secretariat which if not for our civility and respect to the directive of the leader of the party , we could have did same which may resorts to mishaps amongst party men, but the police had since, dutifully sanctioned the intruders .

8) Public and our party supporters should disregard in totality the misinformation in circulation by the merchant of tenure elongation.

We will humbly wait and obediently adhere to the directive of the Leader of the party until otherwise.

Note: the order by the Leader of the party to stay clear the State Secretariat is for the both groups not specific, the public should take Note!.

God bless our great party ..

The PDP.

Akims Mamot James

For the caretaker committee.


From the explanation given above, Akim suggest to state that, the Committee led by Chocho never came to office to work on that day, but simply to force their way into the Secretariat.

This is seriously unbelievable! The fact is that, the Secretariat as at Thursday was open for work and the staff and other Committee members were in office doing their legitimate jobs.

The Committee took time to inaugurate several subcommittees among which are those to sit on Nandom and his group’s alleged RASCALITY.

Secondly, it does not lie in the mouth or hand written report of Nandom’s PRO, to say whether the Committee led by Chocho received a letter addressed by Sen. Useni or not. This is because that piece of information never came from the Chocho led Committee, even when they addressed the press same day.

You would recall that, Hon. Chocho, even told journalists in the state that, he was not going to join issues with them (The Nandoms), as he expected them to have addressed their grievances, if any, to the National office, which has empowered them as a Committee.


Thirdly, Akims Mamot James, unknowingly exposed the role which Sen. Useni has been playing all this long. You would recall that Chairman Chocho, had in an interview disclosed that, he got information of a letter written by Sen. Useni to the Plateau State Police Command, immediately the alleged RASCALITY of the Nandom’s group started.

So, Akim has sealed that claim to be true, when he opened up to say that, Sen. Useni wrote advising them to adopt another approach and get another venue to address members of the press.

Although he tried to tie the Committee led by Chocho to his claim and after thought, he failed to explain why it was Useni’s office at Dogon Karife that still became the suitable venue.

My humble advice:-

  1. The Committee led by Nandom should be called upon, to produce the letter, which has authorizing them to act in these shameful manners.
  2. If the letters of their appointments are not available or traceable, they should be arrested, as they have already pleaded guilty to their numerous acts in the state chapter.
  • For accepting that their actions have been illegal, I humbly submit that, the National Headquarters, should take steps to stop future condemnable acts.
  1. The national office of the PDP, should take this time to note those behind this meaningless struggle, through aiding and abating it. it has proved that, cannot lead the party at any level.
  2. Finally, the rumour making the rounds that, these charlatans, have hidden plans to frustrate the PDP in the coming southern senatorial zone rerun and then move to a new party before 2023, need to be investigated by the party.


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