Anambra State 7th Assembly, With Rt. Hon. Uche Victor Okafor: The Journey So Far

By: Ifeanyi Okonkwo,

On the 12th of June, 2019, Anambra State House of Assembly, held its first plenary session. That same day, the member representing Ayamelum Constituency, Uche Victor Okafor, unanimously, emerged as the Speaker

After the emergence of Rt. Hon Uche Victor Okafor, a second timer to the House and a vibrant Lawmaker, as the Speaker, who was scored high by his Constituency, many political analysts predicted that, he would be the best Speaker the state would ever produce.


Okafor, in his first speech as the Speaker and at plenary, assured Ndi-Anambra that, the vision and mission of the present Legislators is to enact Laws that would change, the fortunes of the state and its citizens.

Okafor did not waste time in settling down to business. He knew too well the inherent capacity of Ndi Anambra to transform their environment. However, unlike his predecessors, he was quick to figure out that, Ndi Anambra would not take ownership of their state, if it was left broken and unsafe.


Hundred days after taking the oath of office, Okafor at plenary said, “As I mark my Hundred Days in office as the speaker of the 7th Assembly, as well as, our collective Hundred Days in office, I thank God for providing me with this platform to serve. I equally thank my distinguished colleagues for finding me worthy of the post as a Speaker hence, my unanimous election on June 12, 2019.

“The 7th Assemble under my watch in the past Hundred Days has impacted positively on the lives of Ndi-Anambra. Through passage of bills and numerous people oriented resolutions emanating from the motions.

“We have passed the bill establishing Anambra state Information and Communication Technology (ICT) agency at accommodating global information communication order.”

The 7th Assembly made up of 24 members from the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) and six members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have been able to maintain mutual understanding and trust amongst themselves, which has enhanced their working relationship.

The 7th Assembly has maintained a good relationship with the executive and Judiciary in the state, which has reflected the giant strides of the government of Governor Willie Obiano, who has promptly implemented most of the resolutions by the Assembly, especially, those that have to do with the infrastructural development in our Anambra state.


The Speaker and other Legislators have continuously assured Ndi Anambra and their constituency of good representation, while emphasizing that, the 7th Assembly would enact laws aimed at total development of the state, as well as, for the improvement of the living standard of the citizenry.

One of the reasons why pundits within and outside the state have always expressed optimism about the present Lawmakers is because, from the inception, they knew and followed what they wanted to do and they came to work armed with the right prescription for the ailment.

Another good reason pointed out by observers is the ability to keep in touch and get feedback from the masses, who voted them into power as representatives.

The spirit of representation has always been felt at plenary, with motions and submissions asking the government to do the needful, which is part of the feedback they get from the people they represent.

The Lawmakers, during this period of Coronavirus distributed face mask, hand sanitizers to their constituencies.

As much as Ndi Anambra have scored the present Assembly’s performance high, more is expected because, while canvassing for their vote, there were promises that were made considering the fact that, “To whom much is given, much is expected.”

Bearing these in mind, the Lawmakers every day, try to close the gap so that, it will no longer become a promise but a project.

The 7th assembly has contributed in no little way in the numerous accomplishments of the present state government through its support and encouragement.

Having resumed plenary a few weeks back after the Coronavirus outbreak, all eyes are on the Lawmakers to continue their good works.

With the raining season fast approaching, motions on erosions, gullies and completion of abandoned projects have been moved on the floor at plenary.

The fact that the primary purpose of leadership is to provide infrastructure, to build good roads, health care facilities, and quality education, among other things, Ndi Anambra are expecting nothing less than these.

Thinking that their mission to the House may be to fill their pockets and seek their selfish interests and those of cronies around them. No! rather, they should be mindful that the primary purpose of leadership is to see that people are well treated.

Would the Anambra State Legislators justify the mandate imposed on them by their Constituents, would they prove their critics wrong at the end of the day, if any, time would tell!

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