By: Valentine Adese (JP),

The Plateau State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) State Congress is now by the corner and the contestants are expected to file out for screening on the 25th of March, 2020, as published by the State Secretary, Hon. Emma Tuang.

The Constitution of the PDP, chapter VIII, section 49(1) provides that, the mode of election of officers of the party, for the National Convention, the Zonal, State, Local Government Area (LGA) and the Ward Congresses, members shall convene to elect the officers of the party at the various levels of the party structure, as specified, except in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), where officers of the party shall be elected based on geo-political zones.

The PDP Constitution in section 49(2) provides that, “Every registered member of the party, who has satisfied the requirement for nomination and election under this Constitution, the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria or any other law, rules or regulations in force shall be eligible to contest for any of the offices of the party.

“The guidelines for elections for any office of the party shall be approved by the National Executive Committee of the party in accordance with the provision of this Constitution.

“No member of the party shall be qualified for nomination or election or appointment into any of the offices of the party, unless he has been a registered for not less than two years, and is of good financial standing in the party, except there is a waiver by the appropriate executive committee.”

In line with the provisions above, it is therefore expected that, positions in the Plateau State PDP structure that are been challenged would have to be contested for on the 26th of March, 2020.

For now, one of the sensitive state positions zoned to the Plateau Central Zone and specifically, Kanke Local Government Area is the Deputy Chairman’s position.


Available record has it that, the major contestants are Hon. Amos Gombi (Incumbent) and Capt. Bitrus Yilkudi Golen (Rtd).


As they prepare to face the screening committee tomorrow, the development of the ongoing congresses and their outcomes would readily come to mind, as members, who were expected to support the bid of Hon. Gombi, on the 26th of March, 2020, are seen aligning and leaning with the candidates of Hon. Timothy Golu and Mr. Isaac Wadak.


Facts from REALITY findings are that, Hon. Gombi has lost the Ward Congress in Kanke and the Local Government Congress is not going to be hard to determine as members were off his line and had queued behind candidates of Hon. Timothy Golu and Mr. Isaac Wadak, as witnessed by REALITY yesterday, 23rd March, 2020.

With Hon. Gombi’s contest with Capt. Golen, a perceived candidate of Hon. Timothy Golu and Mr. Isaac Wadak, coming on the 26th of March, the fate of Golen seems determined.

It is of note that, Capt. Golen, had earlier been prevailed upon by many lovers and members of the party from the Central Zone in the last congress to step down for Hon, Gombi, who had then not spent up to the 18months required by the Constitution and guidelines of the party for any member to contest, which saw the emergence of Hon. Gombi occupying the sea.

However, with unsolved issues, the situation seems to have turned around, as over 75% of those political influencers in the zone now have give the needed backing to the bid of Capt. Golen. REALITY can authoritatively state.


The decision, REALITY gathered, to support Golen this time around, could not be unconnected with the ongoing face-off among political juggernauts like, Hon. Timothy Golu, from the zone and from the PDP extraction, who have allegedly continued to regret the emergence of Hon. Gombi, the loss of political relevance of the party in that zone to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state and his inability, to win any elective office for the party, right from his polling unit.

Also leveraging on the opportunity and support that is accruing for him, Capt. Golen, while submitting his form to the State Secretariat of the Party, at Yakubu Gowon Way Jos, Plateau State recently, said, “With loyal, credible, transparent and selfless leaders, the party will reclaim power from the ruling Party, the APC that has brought untold hardships to Nigerians.”


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