By: Valentine Adese (JP),

The motive to create a parallel leadership in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chapter in Plateau State seems to have been nipped, as the national secretariat of the party, has strongly decided to intervene in the crisis rocking the chapter.

You would recall that REALITY had reported that the National Secretariat of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) had taken over the leadership of its chapter in Plateau State. It has also constituted a Committee to investigate the leadership crisis rocking the chapter.

The National Secretariat of the PDP, in a communication made available to REALITY from our credible source, dated the 12th of July, 2019 and addressed to Mr. Theophilus Dakas Shan, the National body of the party, while drawing the attention of Dakas to the crisis in its Plateau State chapter, informed him that a Committee has already been constituted to investigate the crisis and also directed him to assist the Committee.

The party also warned those laying clams to the leadership of the chapter desist and stay clear.

The National body in part, directed Mr. Theophilus to, “Notify all the members laying claims to the leadership that they should stay clear until the Committee concludes the assignment and notify the security agencies, please”.

However, based on the development, some stakeholders in the chapter have already opined that their decision would not change concerning the removal of Hon. Damishi Sango, as chairman of the chapter.

“Sango has already gone! They stated.

According to most of them, Sango would know his fate at the next meeting of the party, which has the crisis in the Plateau State chapter as one of its major agenda.

Although they pleaded that their names should not be in print, they said, “Whatever Sango wants to do, he should do it now, as we the stakeholders that rectified his suspension would also be at that meeting to still put paid to his removal.

“The meeting was slated for Tuesday and Wednesday this week, but has now been rescheduled for Friday. We shall be there to express ourselves”.

They also quarried why an alleged group of youths from the party would be protesting and writing the State Commission of Police, to ignore the letter and content of the national office’s letter addressed to Mr. Theophilus Dakas Shan, when their Principal, Chief Sango had already dismissed the existence of the letter and has described the letter, as “Super Fraud”

“As you can see, the alleged support for Chief Sango, from the way it is being reported, suggests that their information and reactions are not well synchronized”.

You would recall that REALITY had earlier reported that Hon. Damishi T. Sango, the Plateau State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that had been directed to stay clear of the state secretariat of the party has ignored the directive, insisting that no letter to that effect has been served on him to stay clear of the office.


Chief Damishi Sango has been quoted by the media in Plateau State, to have said the letter in circulated in the state, addressed to Mr. Theophilus Dakas Shan, is “Super Fraud and Mischievous”.

Sango, while confronting the directive and questioning the veracity and actuality of the letter, told Journalists on Monday Evening in Jos, that the party office and himself have not received any letter from the National Secretariat of the party that is urging him to vacate his position.

Sango, who was fielding answering to questions from a group of Journalists, who stormed the state PDP Secretariat, to get the true position of things, was quoted to have said, “I am still in charge”, as he was captured sitting side by side with his Deputy, Hon. Amos Gombi, and other principal officers of the party.

According to Sango, “The purported vacation letter is the handiwork of mischief makers, who want to cause chaos and disharmony among party faithful”.

Facts are that, the suspension of the Plateau State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Hon. Damishi Sango and his Deputy, Hon. Amos Gombi, by 17 members of the State Executive, was signed and sealed by the State Executive Council (SEC), by 65 ratifying the action out of 72 members.

Also putting paid to the action was the State Executive, which voted in support of the suspension of the Chairman. Out of 23 members, 21 voted in support of the action of the 17.

To add to the weight of the ratification, the suspended chairman, Hon. Sango and his Deputy, Hon. Gombi, are expected to face a Disciplinary Committee set up by SEC, to look into the allegations raised on the face of the suspension letter addressed to SEC by the 17.

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