KILLINGS: Anambra State Legislators Condemn Herdsmen Attack in Anam

By: Ifeanyi Okonkwo (Anambra),

The Speaker of Anambra State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Rita Maduagwu and the Honourable members of the Assembly have condemn in strong terms, the attack in Anam by some Fulani herdsmen, as they urging the Federal and State governments to have a forward and a proactive measures that would put an end to these killings.

Member representing Anambra West Constituency, Hon. Victor Jideofor Okoye (Majority Leader) in a matter of urgent public importance brought to the notice of other Legislators the bad news.


According to him, “We woke up on Saturday morning to hear a pathetic news of the Fulani herdsmen invading into our area from the boundary with Kogi state, through Aguleri and killed two people before they entered Anambra west were they killed four persons (one person from Nando, one from Abakaleki and two from Anam)”.

Okoye, recalled saying, “Before the general elections, we had witnessed similar incident and had reported the incident to the Police and other security agencies.

“We calmed our people down so that we will do the elections, thinking that it will be the last, but after the elections, they still came from nowhere to perfect their deadly act.

“It is high time we call on the federal government to provide permanent solution to all these herdsmen killings. The federal government keeps telling us that these people are foreigners, but it doesn’t end in saying it. We have to do something about this!

“Ndi-Anambra value life more than anything. We don’t like shading blood. This is getting too much and we don’t know where its going to end. It started at Benue down to Enugu, now it’s Anambra. Who knows who it will affect tomorrow?

“The President has been asking everybody to go into agriculture, now we are not protected. My people want to protest with the reason that we they don’t want Fulani herdsmen in our area. They will come attack us and escape to another area until they have another assignment. Is this what we will be seeing in Nigeria? Insecurity?

“The President and Governors need to assemble all the security agencies and provide solution. It is better to be proactive then reactive.

Member representing Ayamelum Constituency while adding his voice said, “I feel bad whenever I hear of attacks from Fulani herdsmen. This has become not just a national issue, but a global issue and its affecting everybody.

“It has started from destroying our crops and properties to killing and beheading. These herdsmen are triggering our youths into taking actions because, in a situation where by nothing is done to address these issue, it might lead to reprisal attacks.

“Our people are so patient in seeking support from government. Our people don’t go to farms anymore. At the end of the day, the burden is on us.

“How can our people be running from their own land. This is becoming rampart. Our people are not happy. The government of Anambra state has done so well with regards to security, but we are pleading that more should be done. Let the Governor seek support from the Federal government.

“We are approaching the raining season, they should leave our farm land alone so that our people can cultivate”.

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