By: Rueben Egbah

Students of the College of Education, Akwanga on Industrial Training (IT) at the popular Udubrea Art Gallery in Jos the Plateau state capital have completed their 3 months IT with an Art Exhibition on 6th December,2018, to show case the knowledge they gained in the past months.


The Art works on display by the students received commendation from Dr. Jacob Onoja, a member of the Society of Nigerian Artists (SNA), who expressed his delight over the performance of the students and believes that from what he saw, the future was bright for Nigerian youths.

Mr. Udubrea at his Gallery still instructing

Dr. Onoja, who himself is an Artist, while addressing the students said, “Art is a continuous process, when performed regularly can bring out the best in an artist which in turn can be converted to wealth. An artist is a walking millionaire! We continue to perform our art by making the best out of what we do and get paid”.

On his part, Amadi Gabriel, the Head Department of Museology, Institute of Museums and Monuments Jos, said that there is great hope for Nigerian youths because the economy is being diversified with the craft of art.

“Today we can see that there is hope for Nigerian youths because the economy is being diversified, these students will not lack what to do having qualified as artists. They can work for themselves in the first instance, they can work for the government, their communities, tourist centers museums and so on”, he stated.

The Curator of National Gallery of Arts, Bukar Abraham Sharwa stated that, the opportunity of having the young people to be trained by the proprietor of Udubrea Art Gallery is a wonderful experience.

“The exhibition is wonderful in the sense that Udubrea Art Gallery is training the younger ones and the future generation into this noble profession, the students did very well and they shown that they can be great artists tomorrow.”

“I am one of those who used to look down on art and that is a big mistake because art is a noble profession and what these students produced is great, they produced things that reflect the society, carries political, religious and ethical messages”, he said.

One of the students on IT, an NCE III student, Ogana Joel John appreciated the proprietor Mr. Ezekiel Udubrea for his support and advice during their stay, saying the practical knowledge they have garnered will go a long way to help them in the future.

In his closing remark at the end of the exhibition, the proprietor of Udubrea Art Gallery, Mr. Ezekiel Udubrea, appreciated all the guests that took their time out to come and show support to the students and urged the students to always put in their best in all their future endeavors.


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