By: Ifeanyi Okonkwo (Anambra),

Professor Jude-Kennedy Emejulu of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka has called on medical practitioners to shun all practices that are inimical to their calling.

Prof. Emejulu who was the guest speaker at the pro-life movement event held at the Pope John Paul Major Seminary multi-purpose hall Okpuno, Awka made this call while emphasizing on the importance of life and why it must be protected.

Delivering a lecture on the theme: “THE HUMAN LIFE AND THE HEALTH SECTOR IN NIGERIA: ANY HOPE FOR NATION BUILDING”, the varsity don condemned all forms of killings stating that human life is sacred from the moment of conception till the moment of death.

“It is unfortunate that doctors and nurses who are supposed to protect life are part of those destroying it through conducting abortions and administering contraceptives to ladies. This is against the ethics of the profession and is condemnable.

“Termination of life is illegal and an abominable crime. The church condemns it, government is against it, our tradition and culture does not support it and the society is against it”, he stated.

He went on to frown at ladies who indulge in abortion saying unwanted pregnancy could be avoided through abstinence. He pleaded with women to shun the act of killing innocent babies stating that those children could be the leaders of our country.

“Research has revealed that 40 percent of abortions are done by doctors and nurses while 60 percent are done by quacks, pharmacists, chemists, native doctors and so on”, he revealed.

He also called on medical practitioners to improve on their manner of approach by curtailing any sort of insults, assault, discrimination and stigmatization.

Earlier, Rector of the seminary, Very Rev. Fr. Benjamin Ewelu in his remark tasked the seminarians to not only be crusaders of pro-life movement but to also be convinced that those ills are evil.

Rev. Fr. Lawrence Ezike, Moderator Pro-life of the seminary said, “This movement is about putting God’s choice and commandments first. Promoting life and following the instruction according to God’s purpose. We need a strong political will to pull Nigeria out of the backwardness of health sector”.

Another speaker at the occasion, Barrister Chizoba Nnagboh, who spoke on “DOMESTIC VIOLENCE”, described it as, “A problem that is within us which has spread all over the world”.

She defined Domestic Violence as violence or aggressive behavior within the home by one person towards another. It is also known as family abuse, the situation which one person claims to be above or superior through exercising harmful control either physically, psychologically or emotionally.

“It is not restricted to one gender. Women and children have been seen facing domestic violence. Most countries in Europe have policies that protect those involved which gives them right to involve the police and human right activists against domestic violence”, she said.

Barr. Nnagboh urged government both at federal, state and local government level to look into domestic violence through providing protection which will in turn guide against violation. The human right is very important because it will educate everybody on his or her right.

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