By: Valentine Adese,

As the 2019 general elections approaches, the effect of the primaries conducted by all registered political parties in the country would soon begin to manifest.

As a fact, some key actors in the polity in the last three and half years would be missed at the center stage, owing to lack of continuity and the zoning patterns in several constituencies in the country.


You would recall that in the recent past, the death of late Senator Gyang Dantong and that of late Senator GNS Pwajok, caused reasonable worries that to a large extent the vacuums they created, became very difficult to fill.

Their absence from the political stage not only shook the political tables, but exposed huge incompetence in many now representing the citizens of Plateau State and Nigeria, at the Federal level.

Sadly also, facts on ground indicate that Hon. Edward Pwajok (SAN), would be missed in the 9th National Assembly, especially the Senate, as he is among one of those who failed to secure their bids in the primaries conducted by the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Plateau State.

hon. pwajok

You would recall that Hon. Pwajok, at the APC primaries contested for the Plateau North Senatorial District seat, which he lost to the former Plateau State Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Hon. Rufus Bature.

The absence of Hon. Edward Pawjok (SAN), to a large extent may have serious effects on the polity, owing to the nature of his contributions since his appearance at the Lower Chambers of the National Assembly in 2015.


Before his departure at the state level, records have it that Pwajok (SAN), who was then the Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, had used his legal wits to expand and protection the citizens of Plateau State, especially, during the protracted crises that rocked the state, which left behind it, records of hundreds of deaths and destruction of properties worth Millions of Naira in the state.

Pwajok, was able to expand the law through his efforts, especially in relation to those, who commit crimes and need to be tried in the state irrespective of who is involved.

He made life more meaningful to the Judiciary staff in the state, as he fought for the increment of their take home pay and allowances.

Within that period, Pwajok made sure he improved the working relationship between the media house and their practitioners with the state government, despite the fact that it was not part of his duties or within the ambit of his jurisdiction.

Pundits, who gave their remarks on him when he won the House of Representatives seat to represent the people of Jos South/East Constituency, lamented that the he would be missed by the state.

Although there are observed ups and downs in his political journey in the past three years, within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and now in the APC, his love for the masses, the Berom nation and Nigerians at large seems not to have changed.

Pundits say, “This is the unique nature of Hon. Pwajok (SAN) that people are going to miss! There is however, hope that his legal practice is still promising. As a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), his contributions to the state and to the nation should and must be exploited.”


“Just recently, the “gentleman lawyer”, has saved the lives of millions of Berom people with his intervention into the military incursion, over the search for the missing Gen. Alkali, who was finally found dead.

“If not for his prowl and futuristic assessment of the happenings, today, the case of Zakibiam and Odi would have been a child’s play.”

“You would recall that Polytechnic Students across the 36 states of the federation would miss him in the 9th Assembly, owing to his now famous Bill that equated the HND graduates and that of the Universities.

“His ability to help the APC government at the center, led by President Buhari, through House Committees, to discover loopholes in the country’s financial system, as it relates to the TSA, would be seriously missed, if he finally fails to return.

“It is on reasonable grounds that it was the SAN that assisted the APC explain off the debate on whether it was right for anybody to buy the President his Nomination and Expression of Interest forms recently. You must take that into account!”

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