By: Valentine Adese,

The Church of Christ In Nations (COCIN) has written a letter of complaint to the Department of State Security (DSS) against Mr. Dakas Nathaniel Dakas, over an alleged list of recommended persons, which Dakas and one Rev. Tanks D. Yilmak sent to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chapter in Plateau state using an alleged platform of the Church.

According to the letter to the DSS, the Church stated that its attention was drawn to the Dakas’ letter, as he claimed to be a Coordinator of Central Zone Church Leaders Prayer Forum of COCIN alongside Rev. Yilmak.

As a disclaimer, COCIN stated that, “His action, we believe is fraudulent, misleading and calculated to embarrass the Church. The Church has investigated the matter and we are not privy to the letter by Mr. Dakas Nathaniel Dakas and Rev. Tanks D. Yilmak”.

“We call on your good office to intervene in this matter, as he appears to be bent on discrediting the Church even further with his continuous humiliating and damaging actions”.

You would recall that REALITY had reported that the All Progressives Congress (APC) and its members in Plateau State have started mocking the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), for its inability to select a Deputy for its gubernatorial candidate, Sen. Jeremiah T. Useni, weeks after it conducted its gubernatorial primary in the state.

The members of the APC, who bared their minds to REALITY over the issue, said that the development is an indication that the affairs within the PDP is more of a power play than the alleged concern for the citizens of the state come 2019.

They said, “If a political party like the PDP and its members cannot resolve on whom to pick or select as a running mate for the party’s gubernatorial candidate in the forthcoming general elections, few hours to the deadline of submitting such name to INEC, does it not show that the affairs of the 17 Local Government Areas (LGAs) in the state would not be effectively managed?

“Plateau Citizens must open their eyes to this reality and not be deceived.”

You would recall that the social media is currently awash by tantrums from promoters of one person or another for the distinguished position to be the Deputy to the Plateau State PDP gubernatorial candidate.

Some of their arguments in the social media are provided below:

“JT Useni should know that Mangu politics is no more a rudderless one without purpose or direction. We have nothing against Dalok as his running mate, but we believe Hon Benedict Shignugul understands the problem of Plateau state and that of the Mwaghavul people more than Dalok.

“Our support had always been based on unified verifiable reasons.

“The choice of Tyoden in the last election was not arbitrary but carefully selected with a unanimous acceptance and endorsement. We had a Bagudu Hirse contesting for the number one seat in the state in 2015 but we opted for the number two seat in Tyoden based on our firm believe in the principle of rotation in the state and the capacity of Prof Tyoden. (Who had performed dismally according to our standard)

“If the JT Useni campaign organization and indeed the PDP would insist on picking an unpopular candidate from Mangu, then they should be ready for a surprise. We don’t just support anybody just because he is Mwaghavul!

“We strongly feel that Benedict Shignugul besides being very conversant with the problem of Plateau, his being a devout Catholic member would douse the denominational sentiments the clueless Lalong government is weeping across the state.

“The Mwaghavul people can be accommodating, understanding but nobody…….I mean NOBODY should take them for an easy ride. We can equally be daring and suicidal too.

“Those who have JTs ear should advise him not to be the one to shoot himself in the foot……or puncture the momentum that had been building up in his favour in Mangu.

“Anyone careful enough to study the politics of Mangu would understand that we have never been a people favourably disposed to partisan politics because of the abuses usually inherent in such practices at the detriment of credibility.


As a reply to the above, another sounded below:

“The writer sounds as if It’s a sole decision of Mangu and Mwaghavul to nominate the deputy Governor

“If a whole Berom with a large population could pipe low in order to rescue the State, some of Mangu people should stop complaining and accept the decision already declared if the really want this state to be rescued

“The deputy Governor could have come from any local government of the central zone but they should see it as worthy to be selected not a right

“It’s only a privilege not a right for Mangu man to produced the deputy Governor, the writer sound more of an opposition to PDP, in fact you have a lot against James Dalok, what if it were you with all this write up against you, how will you have felt? My greatest problems is none of the writer from Mangu has pointed out any sin committed by James Dalok that will stop or disqualify him from taking this position. Please let ‘s be human”


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