By: Valentine Adese,

A Presidential aspirant under the Platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr. Bishop Igomu today visited the Plateau state chapter of the party to declare his interest to contest for the number one seat, come 2019.


The aspirant, who informed the media at the Plateau state PDP secretariat, that Jos city is his first home, said Nigeria has lacked behind in terms of development and provision of power.

He claimed that all through his surgeon in foreign land, he has never seen where a government is not concerned about improving the standard of power supply like in Nigeria.

He said these and many other downward progresses in the country have forced him to come back to the country to contribute to the development of the country.

He said, “When you go out of this country, you will understand and see the ease of life. I always wonder why we cannot do same for the masses here?

“I have travelled wide abroad and I can see how things are managed for the people. It is sad that each policy and step that we have been taken has rather taken us backwards two times.

“I know that electricity is a major problem of this our country but, I believe with a deliberate effort directed at solving it will create an environment of opportunities and our economy will grow. Just look at South Africa, the country has generated more megawatts than what the population’s need. Why can’t we? We have several rivers in the country, yet the 774 Local Government Areas (LGAs) in the country cannot generate electricity.

“This current government has stashed our money in the Central Bank with no initiative of what to put it into for the benefit of the masses. What a shame! Poverty is simply just spreading in the name of fighting corruption. To tell you the truth, Nigeria has one of the best currencies in the world but our failed leaders are making it worthless. They remove money from circulation instead of bringing and introducing legitimate businesses that would enable money go round the system.

“I have come to Plateau to express my interest to contest the Presidential seat in order to contribute my quota. Many of us abroad are really not happy with what we are seeing from the present leadership.

“I want to contest under the platform of the PDP because it is the only party that has remained since after the military handed over power. It’s a party that has remained

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